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The most recent Society volume was published in 2015, and distributed to all Society subscribers for the years 2012-2013.

New Series v.46 Early Records of University College, Oxford. Edited by Dr Robin H. Darwall-Smith, FSA, FRHS, who has been archivist at the College since 1993. University College claims to be the oldest College in Oxford, as it can trace its origins to an endowment of 1249. This book brings together the great majority of pre-1550 documents from the College's archives, providing a sourcebook for its early history. In a new departure for the Society, the first part of the volume contains editions of texts with facing translations into English. The texts which benefit from Dr Darwall-Smith's expertise in medieval Latin include the College's medieval statutes, and documents about its early buildings. The second part deals with medieval deeds relating to the College's properties in Oxfordshire, provided as calendars, since they are considerably more formulaic. The volume also includes full notes and an introduction. What v.46 does not include are the surviving early Account Books. This is because these have already been published - also with Dr Darwall-Smith as editor- in two earlier Oxford Historical Society volumes: New Series v.39 covering the years 1381/2-1470/1 & New Series v.40: 1471/2-1596/7. Both of these volumes are still in print.

Next publication is expected in 2018.